The Bakken Amateur Radio Society is the Amateur Radio club for Medtronic. We operate an HF station and UHF-FM repeater. Club members participate in several Amateur Radio events.

Visit Station for photos of the club’s station and repeaters. The latest news is under Operating.


W0MDT is one of the primary Yaesu Fusion machines in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities metro area. You are welcome and encourage to use it in the digital Fusion mode.

A Fusion net is conducted at 7:30 PM local on 444.525 and WiRES-X Room #21493. You are welcome to check in. You are not required to have Fusion. FM is welcome on 444.075 (net simulcast).

See Local Fusion Repeaters for a list of machines in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and machines that are typically linked to W0MDT.


Welcome to the Bakken Amateur Radio Society web page


Repeater statistics since 2-Oct-2014 as of 26-Aug-2017:

Tx Hours: 3357.8

Tx key-ups: 619,455

Power consumed through 31-May (444.525 and 444.075): 4,936 kWh

Operation without equipment failure:

  1. Bullet    DR-1 (beta): 445 days, 1,044 Tx Hrs, 290,698 key-ups
           (removed from service to be used as a backup repeater for local Fusion systems)

  2. Bullet    DR-1X: 610 days,  2,154.5 Tx Hrs, 364,204 key-ups

W0MDT Fusion Repeater Fact Sheet (needs updating)

The 444.525 is the major Yaesu Fusion repeater for the Twin Cities. Visit the Fusion page on The repeater accepts Fusion digital or FM inputs and will automatically switch the the same mode on output.

Frequency: 444.525+

DCS 025

C4FM DSQ: 0, Mode: Auto/Auto

Emergency Power: DR-1 Reduced power (4 vs 100 watts), Link and FR-6000 shut down, approx 8 hours operating time

Repeater System Features:

  1. Bullet    WiRES-X DN-only on Node #11138, typically connected to Room #21493 (connection via RF link to remote node)

  2. Bullet    Accessible via Skype (Rx digital/analog, Tx FM only)

  3. Bullet    Link to 444.075 so that Fusion and FM can be used simultaneously

  4. Bullet    VHF remote radio which can operate on various repeater or simplex frequencies.

  5. Bullet    IRLP #8263 - only available on 444.075 when the VHF radio is not in use

  6. Bullet    Echolink W0MDT-R (#428728) - only available on 444.075 when the VHF radio is not in use

  7. Bullet    Link modes:
            - DR-1 <-> FR-6000
            - DR-1 <-> Link Radio
            - FR-6000 <-> Link Radio
            - DR-1 <-> FR-6000 <-> Link Radio
            - Link radio <-> IRLP/EchoLink which means either the DR-1 (analog or digital), the FR-6000, or both can be connected to IRLP
            - Link Monitor Mode (Link listens but does not Tx)


  1.     Yaesu (original) DR-1 Fusion repeater with a GE Mastr II for backup

  2.     Advanced Receiver Research GAsFET preamp

  3.     Henry Radio 200 watt UHF amplifier

  4.     Lambda dual 33 amp (66 total) continuous duty power supply

  5.     Telewave TPRD-4546 6-cavity duplexer

  6.     Hustler HD6-43050 6 dBd (min) heavy duty commercial antenna

  7.     Output: Tx 145 watts, Duplexer 100 watts

  8.     Location: Lat 45.119485, Long -93.199714 (45º 07’ 10”, -93º 11’ 59”)

  9.     Height 143’ AGL, HAAT 161’

Coverage Map (download)

Thermal imaging of the 444.525 and 444.075 repeaters (YouTube)

YouTube Channel


Frequency: 444.075+

FM DCS: 023N

IDAS: Group N/A (when enabled)


  1.     Icom FR-6000 UHF repeater (3 watts into EFJ amplifier)

  2.     EF Johnson C-1010 UHF amplifier set to 70 watts output (120 watts spec, capable of 250 with mods)

  3.     Celwave 4-cavity duplexer

  4.     Scom 7330 controller (Port 1: FR-6000, Port 2: FT-7800, Port 3: FT1D)

  5.     Samlex 1235M power supply (FR-6000, Scom 7330, System logging, EFJ amplifier, FT1D via 9 V DC-DC converter)

  6.     Comet GP-6 antenna

  7.     Yaesu FT-7800 remote base radio

  8.     Link radio power supply (17 amp commercial supply)

  9.     Yaesu FT-1DR Fusion link radio

  10.     DR-1 Tx hours and key-up counter based on Baofeng UV-5R HT and LCD timer/counter displays

The FR-6000 repeater is often linked to a network of three repeaters in California:

WB6DAO: Riverside, Los Angeles

K6DVD: Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo counties

K6MF: San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area

The FR-6000 is running at 3 watts out and drives an EF Johnson UHF amplifier which increases the output to 70 watts. It uses a 4-cavity Cellwave duplexer which is connected to a Comet GP-6 antenna. DC power is supplied by a Samlex 1235M power supply.

The Scom 7330 connects to the FR-6000 on Port 1, the FT-7800 on Port 2, and the FT1D on Port 3. This allows the repeater to link to other repeaters or simplex channels and to simulcast digital Fusion traffic on the 444.525. It can also independently connect 444.525 Fusion to other repeater or simplex channels by connecting Ports 2 and 3.